About Us

ChemIoT is running by Ms. Sepideh Radmannia as a Chemistry expert and Mr. Milad Naderzad as an IoT & AI Developer.

Team members

Team Background

The ChemIoT founder has a background in teamwork and participated in the companies. She worked as a technical supervisor in the supplying laboratories equipment company called Ark Zakaria, Tehran, Iran for almost 3 years. She has an R&D degree from QAL UK and degrees of CE, FDA, ISO, GMP, so she is fully prepared in this field of business and as an analytical chemist, so she is capable of handling the Chemistry part of this startup.

The co-founder has a background of running IoT and smart home startups as well as a solution providing many projects like IoT-based waste management system or Monitoring Alzheimer based on IoT and artificial intelligence and with the knowledge of software engineering, he is so ready to start as a technical manager of ChemIoT.


The main objective of ChemIoT is to achieve a method that affects the future of drug production companies based on the 24/7 remotely IoT-based automated electrosynthesis machine or other machines in laboratories and pharmaceutical industries to produce more and purifying tablets, drugs and other substances for the human health.

This method would be capable of producing so many chemical compounds so that we have a vision in mind to become a chemical compound producer factory with just 1 type of machinery and at least 100 unique products.

Team Members

Sepideh Radmannia

Analytical Chemist

ChemIoT founder & chemistry head chef

Milad Naderzad

IoT, AI Developer

ChemIoT co-founder & IoT nerd


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